*poof* and it’s gone.

Seether ft. Amy Lee – Broken

hmms.. My mood is all weird right now, i’ve been happy and all that the entire day/evening, and when i walk in the door at home I feel awful.. With no reason why.

And to be honest I hate being sad and/or down, because i’ve spent two years of my entire life being sad and depressed, so being sad brings back the depressing feeling, and the urge to do something that’s not good for me, but i’m not going to do it, i’ve promised myself that my arm is going to be scarless the first day at school, and i really need to keep that promise to myself, to prove that i actually can do something without giving up.

And if you’re wondering what i’m talking about, or of you think you’ve figured out, well then yeah it’s self harming, and i just hope that i can keep my promise. Because i’m not only hurting myself, i’m also hurting the people around me.

Hope. The only thing that keeps me going. The hope for a better tomorrow, a better future, and that day where i will be able to put all this behind me, to look back at this and say, hey! I actually learned something from it.

I feel a lot better now, i’ve written some of it out. Writing is my way of handling things, to sort problems and feelings out.

Keep dreaming, keep believing. Never let go of that hope.




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