Well well, here I am again, sitting her nerding the computer as always.  It’s like the thing with fruit, you’ve gotta have 5 a day, and you’ve gotta have time on the computer once a day.

But we had a life, a real life before we discovered this beacutful thing called internet teehee. But i can’t say I regret discovering it, just think about all the friends i’ve made, all the people i’ve met. And i keep wondering, would I be the same person that I am today if i hadn’t talked/met them ?

You can never know what might affect your life, a choise, a voice, a step, a person. you never know. But that’s what life’s about, not knowing, daring to take risks and accept the consequenses that comes with it. Because what is life without taking chanses, risks.

Life wouldn’t be exciting, frightning, not even beautiful. It would be boring without any drastical changes.

Who would want a life that’s the same every day for the rest of your life? I wouldn’t, would you?


Take some chanses, but be ready both mental and physical to accept the consequenses your choise comes with. Every step has it’s comsequense, but that’s no reason not to take chanses.

Adam Lambert – Strut!

Loooooove that song!  Listen to it it’s totally awesome!

Today I’m heading over to my boyfriends house to meet some of his friends and just have a good time, but i’m nervous as always ^^  But i guess it’ll work out some how.

Live your life, take risks.




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