Humor, that’s all you need.

I’ve had so many funny and interesting conversations in my life, but english boys has the most amazing humor in the world, all from smoking sawks (Reece) to marrige (scott) and so much randome awesomeness (Danneh,Jameson,Nicky(girl).)

You find so many hillarious people online, you make friends for life sometimes. You talk almost every day about everything and nothing, it’s all about having fun with talking to them.

One of my friends, Therese is in England right now on vacation, and we’re like we can talk in some sort of codes, we say a word and then just crack down and laugh while the others don’t understand anything.

that’s the beauty of best friends, you don’t have just one, you have many.  You can laugh with them, even cry, get angry or annoyed. They’re there for you always.

In a friendship the most important things are : Laughter, honesty and trust.  The three main tings, that’s really all you need.

I can’t even count how many friends i’ve made online, how many times they’ve made me laugh or think. Some of them mean as much to me as my friends here, i help them with what i can, support them and give advice when i can. It goes both ways.

You make memories with them, make jokes, times you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Boyfriends lasts a while, but friends last until eternity.




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