it’s the small things that change the world :3

Sorry for not posting anything new lately, I’ve been kind of busy with the whole college thing, and I’ve honestly don’t been in the mood or been inspired to write anything before now.

My most favorite season is up, fall, you see how the trees and bushes and even the grass some places goes from summer green to yellow, orange, red and brown, and still somehow some of the green remains. The fall is mysterious, and kind of dark, so maybe that’s why I like it so much?

The weather’s getting slightly colder, and the days darker, more rain, and maybe some late evening walks. You can even smell the fall in the air, you can feel it creeping up and washing away every trace of summer.

I love cold weather, but not too cold though. Imagine yourself walking down the street, in the park, or where ever you like to walk. Imagine that you’re listening to your favorite song and you just walk where ever your legs take you as the world slowly goes darker around you, you feel peaceful, happy and you’ll be able to think through things, even wonder. Doesn’t it sound great? Well at least for me it does, I honestly can’t wait.

Well since I can’t figure out what else to write I thought I might give you a little update on college.

It’s actually better than I expected, the teachers are great and I’ve also made a lot of friends, there’s only one negative thing about the school though; Too many FUCKING STAIRS! Teehee

I always doubt my choices of wither I did the right one or not. The teachers ask you what you wanna be working with, and I feel like I’m back in 2nd grade when they asked what you wanted to become when you grew up, there were a lot of answers, like fireman, police officer, a ballerina, or some said, I wanna be like my mum/dad/sister/brother or who else they wanted, but if I don’t remember wrong I think I was the one wanting to be a princess.  The choices were so easy, so simple before, because you didn’t really have that many to choose from.

This is a picture of Daniel just because he’s awesome an looks like Andy Sixx in Black Veil Brides :3 teehee

But who really knows when they’re 15-16 what they wanna do for the rest of their life, or ten years from now? I don’t, and I don’t wanna know. The future scares me, because you never know what does gonna happen in the future, or if you’ll ever have a future.

All I know is that I wanna help people, and if I can’t help them all, I can start by helping one person at the time.

All those out there that has been helped so much by a person you know and care about, never forget to appreciate what they do and try to be the one there for them when they’re the one who needs your help.

The only way is to help each other, which are the only way that we can make it somehow. No one can go through life alone, without any fears, without any smiles or fears. Say yes for others to help you when you know you need it; don’t let your pride or your fear of feeling vulnerable stand in the way of your own needs.  As long as you help others with what you can, even if it’s just listening, I’ll promise you that they won’t forget it. If you were down and no one listened, saw or cared, and suddenly one person did, wouldn’t you remember that for the rest of your life?

Just because one person can’t see that anything’s wrong, doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything wrong, or that you can’t see it.

The small differences make the biggest impact. Be that that difference, change the world.

This blog post is written August 25, 2010 10:31 pm




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