things you never expected

Expect the unexpected is my advice for today.

It’s never easy to tell someone that you like them, has a crush on the or fancy then etc. But sometimes it just has to be done. And the shocking part is that he might just feel the same.

I honestly don’t know what to write right now, I’m just too shocked. And excited.

A guy that accepts you for who you are, that’s always there for you, someone you can talk to about everything.

I’ll write more later, so I’ll just put in my newest song. Leave a comment and tell me what you think?

Close your eyes, It’s my turn now.

I’m so scared

I don’t know where to hide or look

I wonder wheres the love you took

You leave me here with empty lies

I’ve had enough of your sad goodbyes

You left me broken

And with nothing left

I feel regret, but is it real?

Is it what you wanted me to feel?


I’m broken, but somehow relieved

I knew it, I know it, and I wasn’t the one

I couldn’t hold you back no matter how hard I tried

I can’t change, not for you

I am who I am in your point of view


People don’t change in the matter of seconds

For a different reality you pull the trigger and let go of your fears

Because nothing’s left but your empty tears

Let them go, let them shine

You know it’s your turn, no need to wait

Just pull the trigger and let go of your hate


You’re free now

It’s your turn to shine

They’re sorry they lost you

But they’re better without

They just were there

But did they care?

Did they see what you did to me?

You made me regret

You made me hate

But now that I’m gone I know it’s my fate


So close your eyes and dream now

We’ll meet again somehow




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