Bestfriend to lover/In your arms – Poem

Couldn’t decide which of the titles, so i used both.   tell me what you think of the poem in the comments (:


Not a safer place

No place that I’d rather be

I just love that you’re there for me

My best friend

Never could’ve imagined I’d feel this way

About you, about me, about us

I’m not me without you

You’re a constant reminder that my feelings are true

I’m not me without you

You always help me through

I can come to you when times are hard

I can come to you when I’m happy

I can come to you whenever

You’re always here, but it’s never taken for granted

There, I love you;

I’ve said it out loud

Now you know what my feeling’s all about

Emptiness without you

You complete me

There’s no me in us

It’s like a bus

It comes and goes this thing called love

But we all know that it’s sent from above

Dropped like a doves feather

A constant reminder that things will get better

You know that it’s real

Never taken for granted

You’re all I’ve ever wanted

You’re there, I’m here

But that doesn’t mean I don’t take you with me anywhere

You’re stuck in my heart

Been there from the start

And that will remain

Until the end of time

Until my heart stops beating

Beating for you




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