My lucky charm – Poem

The reason I smile has five letters

A person so special to me

Can make me forget everything

Make me laugh, make me cry

But not once have I wondered why

I know he’s there for a reason

And I hope that reason’s good

And if it isn’t, then clearly faith

Has misunderstood.

I need him in my life

He’s there because I love him

It feels safe to have him close

Close to me, close to my heart

It has felt like that from the start

I knew he was special

But I never once imagined

That he’d mean this much

That I can’t picture my life

Without him

Always on my mind

Forever in my heart

I’ve found the guy worth

Suffering for

But yet no suffering

Just open arms

Waiting for me to need them

Like my own special charms

The one I can turn to

The one I can trust

My inspiration, my love

Brought together

In the arms of faith

So many differences

Like love and hate

But still you love me

You help me through

I’m lucky that it wasn’t anyone

Other than you




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