Material things, huh?

More and more people are most into material things, than what truly has a more personal and special value, like some good words, something homemade or even a hug, what’s happening to people?

I just don’t get it, a hug and some good words would make you feel a lot better for a long time than something bought, that happiness will just last for a little while, and I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate or get excited for getting something I’ve wanted, because I do.

But when you give someone a part of you, maybe something written that comes from the heart, and the person that receives it is happy for it for about a second, and then receives a material gift, and then has forgotten everything about what happened a second ago. It makes you wonder if it’s really worth it, if it’s worth opening up to those you love, telling them how much you appreciate them and love them.

It’s like you offered someone your heart, and another person offered you a diamond, and you picked the diamond, that’s when you truly realize what values are for you, and which values that counts the most to you.

I gave my mum a poem that I wrote especially for her, I gave a piece of myself, but seeing her being more excited about the material things hurt me.

This is only from my point of view, so for those of you that read this remember; I’m not saying that she didn’t care, I’m just writing about how I feel about it.  Just so that’s clear.

But I still don’t see what the big thing about material things is; won’t something homemade, some good words make you feel so much better about yourself than you would for a handbag?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t appreciate the things you’re given, but don’t forget the thoughts and the feelings put behind those things made especially for you by someone that you care about, they should count more, or equally as the material gifts, you should be just as excited about them as if you were given a necklace.

People get too excited to see what really counts, those things that’s given by the heart, from the heart of someone who cares about you.

Never forget to appreciate the small things; those are often those who count the most.




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