Paranoid much?

I´m supposed to try to write a proper post at this moment, I´m sitting in class and we have independent study, but for some reason I feel so exposed sitting and writing my inner thoughts infront of everyone, like i feel everyones eyes on me, but maybe I´m just paranoid?

I´ve had trouble sleeping since saturday night, like I can´t make my head shut up, and every time I finally fall asleep for about ten minutes, I turn around in bed and wake up again, so I guess that´s my nights, and i can´t say I like it.

I know that when I can´t sleep and my head won´t shut up that something is bothering me, but WHAT?!

My almost sleepless nights gives me terrible headaches, and I had to force myself to get up today because I had to get my youngest brother off to school since mum started early today, but right now I just wish I´d stayed in bed. but then again it wouldn´t helped much because I would still have had trouble sleeping tonight.

I just wish I someone could read my mind and tell me what I´m worried about or what it is so I can get some sleep.

I got told today that I´m brave because I´m so honest about everything on my blog, but the truth is that it helps me sort out problems and see them from a different angle.

So maybe I am brave, or maybe I´m not, all that couts is that it helps me.

I´m so exhausted that I can´t even think straight sometimes.

I guess this is it for now..  There might come a proper post later today, but no promises.




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