Open up before it’s too late.

You know when you randomly wake up from a really sweet dream, with someone’s arms around you but you have no idea who because you don’t see their face, and you just wake up with that empty feeling?

I hate that, it’s actually worse than having a nightmare, because the fear is so much easier to handle and to get over, and a really nice dream just leaves you there with the feeling of it, something you don’t have but want to badly, like it’s teasing you with it. So I gotta say that I would rather not dream at all than to have these dreams.

I remember that I was sad in the dream, and that I had someone arms around me holding me close and whispering that everything will be okay, that he would always be there. I recognized the voice so I think I know who it was.

The song I’ve been listening to all yesterday is Joshua Radin – Everything’ll be alright, that song just gives me the feeling that everything might be alright, not the lyrics, but his voice, the instruments, it’s like.. I don’t know, but I just love it.

What I want more than almost everything is for someone to hug me and tell me that everything will be alright, but yet no one does, I guess they’re scared of my reaction, but they shouldn’t be because I would appreciate it so much, even though I might not believe them, but it would mean the world to me if someone did that.

A little advice, there’s no wrong time for a hug, everyone appreciates it, and it’s a simple way of showing that you care, so open your arms and hug a person you care about and show them that you appreciate them and love them, because before you know it they might be gone. Open up before it’s too late.

So take time to tell your mum, sister, husband and even friend that you love them, it’ll mean more to them than you think.

It will be alright, just believe it will. That’s all you can do, believe, and hope.




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