Let your hope shine!

Written yesterday night:

I’ve just finished a book called missing by Danielle Steel, and it’s about a woman named Marielle and her son Theodore – Teddy gets kidnapped, and it’s about her never giving up on the hope that she will see him again, that you must never give up no matter how dark it seems. There’s always a light somewhere in the darkness, that light’s called hope.

I love books that leave you with the feeling that it really was a great book, and with no open ending, because I find those so frustrating sometimes, they don’t make a second book; they just leave you there wanting to know what happened.

This book, fiction or not it gave me more faith in that everything might be alright if you just gives it time to heal, and maybe some time for you to understand, to grow stronger on your weakness, to learn from your mistakes, because if you have problems of any kind, and you overcome them, you’ll become mentally stronger, you’ll be able to handle new situations better, and you’ll learn how to avoid tough situations from your past.

It’s true what they say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

But what if it almost did kill you, then what? Will you be even stronger then? What if it’s threatening to kill you on an almost daily basis?

I find it scary to have to talk face to face with a person that’s supposed to help you work through your problems, when they don’t even know anything about you or your past. Like I suck at explaining things, because they always turn out wrong, I confuse people when I try, so how am I supposed to explain myself to anyone who tries to help me?  I’m tempted to say “Go read my fucking blog”, but I can’t, I have to get better talking about it and not just writing about it.

And here I am again with my short post, but who knows, there might come another one tomorrow.




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