In the dark of the night

I love to go on walks when it’s really dark outside, it’s almost like the darkness swallows you, makes you invisible to the world. Nobody cares about you or where you’re going, you just walk straight forwards to see where you’ll end up, walking around with music blasting in your ears and all you can do is keep your head up or stare at the ground as you walk.

I’m wondering how something that feels so welcoming and calming can be so scary, so mysterious and unknown. You never know what might hide out there waiting for you, maybe just watch you, or follow you as you go.

You get paranoid and start to feel that something or someone’s watching you, maybe even following you, but even if it turns out that it’s only you on that road, no one else. But still you don’t let your guards down, no matter how many times you’ve experienced darkness, it’s still unknown and scary. It seems so relaxing this darkness, but as soon as you step outside the door and it swallows you it’s not relaxing at all. The unknown, it’s always scary.

I’m more of a watcher, I love to go on walks alone in the darkness, and i love to sit in the window just looking out in the dark, it’s relaxing, gives you time to think, to wonder and to dream.

I’ve been catched so many times looking out the window, and i often get the question, ” What are you looking at?” But it’s hard to say because i’m not sure myself. I find beauty and mystery in the darkness, but also in the ligh of the day, i can’t really describe how and what i see, but i know it’s there, and that’s all that matters for me.

No matter how dark the days are, how down you are, you’ll always find beauty somewhere, maybe everywhere, i don’t know. But then again there’s different opinions on what beauty is, my opinion on beauty is that something is mysterious and artistic and dark, but at the same time light. I’m a huge fan of dark art because it’s so honest, showing the sides of life as it really is.

Then my question is for all you out there; What is beauty for you? What makes you think, oh that is beautiful, pretty etc. ?

Song of the night: Red – Already over

Is beauty really only what the eyes can see, or is it what the heart can feel?

Sweet dreams




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