It’s easier to run away.

I’m wondering if what I write is too powerful stuff for most of those out there, that they don’t understand most of it mostly because they haven’t felt or had to deal with such things, or maybe they have, maybe they’re trying to deny it, forget that it ever happened and not realize that your past or/and present isn’t something you can run from, it’s something you have to deal with and learn from, that’s the only way.

Sure it would’ve been much easier to run away, to escape all of it and just live on with your life, but it’s not, you can’t run away from your problems when you can’t work them out on your own, you ask for help, someone else’s point of view.

I’ve never said I was a good person, but then again I’ve never said that I’m not.

You always get some sort of critics on things you do, sometimes it’s to help you improve your skills, and sometimes just to point out every little mistake you make to make you feel horrible. But here’s what I don’t get, why criticize me and what I write when I’ve said it so many times, why lie when you can be honest?  Why even read my blog when you know you can’t handle it?

A few of you have reacted on the post “Fuck you drama”, and well that’s really only your problem, I’ve said it from the start that I write what I feel about things, I write about my life and what’s going on inside my head, can’t handle it? Then leave.

There’s many reasons to why I write so openly, and one of them is that there’s many people out there feeling the way I do about things, but then again no one really knows anything about it, what it does, what it makes you feel and how it makes the others around you feel.

I’ve thought about quitting this, the whole blog so many times, but I reminded myself that it helps me, it clears my head, and at the same time it might also help someone else.

Negative and nasty comments are dangerous; they really are, because there’s loads of people out there that’s struggling with themselves, and the comments might just push them over the edge, and that’s no joke.

A girl once committed suicide because of some nasty comments on facebook, and I bet that she’s not the only one.

I’m not saying that because of the negative comments that I’m going to kill myself, no, I wouldn’t give you that pleasure of breaking me, because the truth is that I’m not as weak as you guys seem to think, but yet all I’m saying is; be careful with what you say to someone, because you don’t know how they take it, and if you’re not careful you might end up being the one person that pushed someone over the edge, and the only one there left to blame is you.

Remember; the pen is more powerful than the sword.






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