People come, people go. / Hello,goodbye

Death is a natural part of life, everyone comes and goes, that’s just the way it is, nobody can change that, no matter how hard they try, or how much it hurts, they just can’t.

When people die, remember that things always happens for a reason, it was their destiny to leave then, maybe they were needed as something else, maybe they become re-born, someone’s guardian angel, I mean who knows?

Who knows if you get re-born or what really happens? All I know Is that no matter how difficult it is to face the fact that one of your loved ones has left the surface of life, they’re still there, living on in your heart, your memories, and that’s like they’re still there, with you every day, in every heartbeat, every second.

I know how much it hurts to lose someone, but you got to remember that you’ll see them again, in your thoughts, dreams, and when your time’s up, you’ll meet them again somehow.

It’s fate, and it’s how life rolls, one leave, and another one comes, that’s how it is because humans weren’t created to be alone. And I believe that you’ll see your lost loved ones again sometime, you just have to be patient, let their memory stay in your heart to remind yourself that you will see them again when time is right.

I started writing this because I got inspired, inspired by a saying, or a quote. That’s all I need to be inspired, to write. I could write page up and page down about what I got out of one quote, so I guess you could say that quotes and sayings, even lyrics are my greatest inspiration.

When I read a poem, I might get a whole different idea of what it’s about than you do, I read between the lines, I make my own idea of what I think it’s about.  Loads of people read between the lines, but it’s not always that they get the same result.

When I write these inspirational texts, and I haven’t really written one in ages, I write what I think about things, what I know is right, what I wish and eventually start to believe in. You see, the word that sort of controls my life is hope, something that got me through the hardest parts of life, and even though I thought I had lost all hope, it was still there, I was still there, and that means I still had some hope left.

This text is sort of back and forth, but still I manage to make a bridge between the subjects, I jump from one to another, but I suppose that’s just me.

I’m fascinated by death, not afraid of it, but I wonder about it, question it.

Because there’s one thing us humans don’t know anything about, and that’s death. Nobody knows why it happens, or why one person’s time is up. Maybe it’s to make room for other people, maybe your destiny is to be someone else, to save someone else’s life, but you can’t do it in your own body. I don’t know, and I can’t say that I want to know either.

Life’s a mystery, death is too.

Life isn’t fair, things you didn’t want to happen happened, people die, new one’s get born, its’ just the circle of life.

There are no wrong or rights, it’s all about trying, there are no special ways to do something, and all you have to do is finding that way that’s right for you, the way that makes things work for you.

There are no recipes on how life is supposed to be, no manual to follow, and even if there were, I wouldn’t read it, because the trying and failing process helps shaping you into the person you’re supposed to be. Every time you make a mistake and work your way through it, you’ll learn something from the pain, the thoughts, and you’ll be one experience richer.

Life isn’t easy, so do the best out of it, be the best you can be, and remember that no matter how dark it seems, you’re not alone.


Weirdness IS Awesomeness

This is me




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