Hold onto it.

Yesterday I spent from 10pm to about 12-1ish pm today at the hospital with my brother, he had been ill since Thursday morning, and it got worse, so my mum called down to the emergency room to have their opinion on what she should do. She was told to come down there with him to check if it could be an infection in his stomach.

They ran some tests, and took him in for observation over night; I stayed with him in his room while my mum and step dad was at home for the night, since you can only have one family member with you until you’ve turned 12 I think.

It was a long night, and they didn’t take him in before 2am this morning.

I’ve never slept at a hospital before, besides when I was born, and it was differently than I had expected, like I thought, or at least I hoped I would feel like I usually do when I get up, but when I woke up this morning I felt like someone had drained my body for energy, I was so exhausted.

Anyways, I’m just glad my brother’s okay, that it wasn’t anything serious.

This is a kind of short post, but I’ll hopefully post another one tomorrow or later tonight, we’ll see.

“Hold on to what you’ve got, because you never know when you might lose it.”

[xI Miss Youx]

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