Written 00:19am December 6th

A few minutes ago I just finished watching the wedding planner with my mum; it was such a nice film, a romantic comedy, or a chick flick as some may call it. Anyways, it left me with the happiest feeling I’ve had in ages, like I couldn’t stop smiling.

It might sound silly, even stupid but it made me realize just how lucky I am to have found someone who loves me for me, who wouldn’t want to change anything about me.

When you’re in love is when you truly appreciate the small things, like, just laughing with him, or just talking, that would easily make my day.

Just spending time together, having fun, and focusing on that exact moment, because that’s really all that matters.  Put the past behind you, don’t think about the future, enjoy the present, the moment, because right now is really all we have.

A happy feeling isn’t just something you can put into words, you have to feel it to know that there’s no way you could capture a happy feeling in words, maybe in pictures, but not in words. Feelings are just something you feel, it has nothing to do with words.

Feelings are actions, things you do that reflects what you feel, like for example when you’re sad you turn quiet, sometimes you cry, when you’re angry you sometimes shout or lets it out on others, when you’re happy you smile almost all the time, you smile with your eyes.

You’re full of emotions, feelings, and the only way to truly express them is through actions, through what you do.

When it comes to me, I struggle with both, I can’t seem to find the words to talk to someone about feelings, and I feel odd trying to express feelings through actions, like it gets too much. My guess is that I’m probably not the only one feeling like that.

Feelings are incredibly scary and beautiful at the same time, like if you feel something as strong as you’ve never felt it before, that’s scary, but in a good way, you learn about yourself, you push your own limits, just a little further.

I love it when you don’t want to sleep because reality is better than your dreams.

Everyone deserves to be loved, but it takes time finding someone that deserves your love and that loves you back equally.

When you least expect it, it could strike you as lightning from a clear sky. You cannot force love to happen, just as you can’t force anyone to love you, give it time, be patient, and when you’re ready it’ll come around and knock you off your feet.

Remember, it’s okay to let someone in.

This is me





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