Tears of blood..

This is normal

At least for her

So used to watching

The world in a blur

Alone and scared

Sitting in her bed

Confused to what she’s feeling

Trying to find some answers

Below the ceiling

She knows she’s better than this

She knows it’s wrong, but yet so right

Is she strong enough to put up the fight this time?

The knife, the razor blade

Both lays beside her

A voice deep inside screaming

Do it, there’s nothing wrong with it

Even though she knows she’s stronger than that

She hates herself for what she’s been doing

Keeps asking herself; what am I pursuing?

She knows too well how it feels to give in

Take the easy way out

Cut it away, every unwanted painful feeling

But it’s only the darkness, deceiving

Smiling with blood on her wrists

Whispering; I won.. Again.

Convince her, she’s better than this

Tell her she’s better than that

The only tears she sheds

Are the tears of blood.




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