Parents and Brainwashing

Right now I’m lying here in my room not too sure about what today’s topic(s) will be, but when has that ever stopped me?

To be completely honest I miss having someone to talk to about almost everything, I mean, I have my boyfriend, which is at the same time my best friend, so we pretty much talk about everything. But wouldn’t it be weird to talk about girly stuff to him, don’t you think?

I usually talk to my mum about girly stuff, ask for advice and things like that, but some things are hard to discuss with your mum, like for example if I liked two guys at once and didn’t know what to do, but that’s just an example, like putting things on the edge to prove a point.

Thing is, it struck me right now that lets say I talked to my mum about sex, and how my boyfriend wanted to, but I wasn’t so sure, she would most defiantly try to convince me to wait, use reversed psychology to try to reach in and try to convince me to wait as long as possible.

Not because I wouldn’t be ready, but because she might feel more succeeded as a parent for making me wait, convincing me that that’s the right thing to do. That is, if you get what I mean?

Keep in mind that this was just an example, like I said; I put things on the edge to prove a point, or an opinion.

Parents are pretty manipulative if you look at it that way, shaping you into the person they want you to be, telling you what’s what. In your first years you could almost say they brainwash you.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, even though I make it sound horrible, I’m just saying what I think of it, what my opinions are.

Thing is, I probably won’t be any different, neither of us will. I mean, in maybe 6-8 years maybe I’ll have my own kids, and without thinking about it, I’ll manipulate and brainwash them as well. I’ll teach them how to behave, how to consider things before you do anything and stuff like that.

When kids make mistakes it doesn’t help yelling at them, because then they surely will be out there before you know it doing it again just to piss you off. I mean, why yell at them when you can sit down with them and explain why what she or he did was so wrong.

Or you could, if it was a little mistake that is, let the kid handle it on its own, let them realize that he or she made a mistake, then if they needed help they could come talk to you.

Calmly sit down and talk about it, explain to them what they could’ve done different, discuss it with them, be open-minded. And if you’re lucky you might even have taught your kid a new life skill, to see things from different perspectives.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but what I’m saying is that yelling and being angry isn’t the solution, it only makes things worse.

Some parents believe that if you yell and become angry when your child makes a mistake, it won’t do that mistake again, and with some kids they won’t, but if you repeatedly yell at them for every mistake they make, no matter how small, they will become terrified of making mistakes, and that’s not a good thing, is it?

“Life’s a puzzle, you go through life collecting pieces to different pictures, those pieces are what we call memories”

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