Once you get lost.

Tired of screaming, yet I’m dreaming, tired of bleeding, yet here I am, smiling.


I want to run, and never look back

I want to scream until my lungs ache and my voice break

I want to be good enough

I want to resist

I want to make reality of everything on this list


In a moment of hope, that’s what she told me, that’s what she believed in

In a moment of doubt, she fell even deeper, because that was all she could do


When she’s tired of smiling, she turns to bleeding, when she cannot dream, she stands there screaming.


Nobody heard her, nobody saw, nobody knew what she was going through.

When she’s screaming, it’s silence you find, look into her eyes, she’s lost in her mind


Once you get lost, it’s hard to get found

(Source: http://www.liseliten.com)



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