“I can’t really see the seriousness. My own frustration hits so hard that I want to turn to destructive sulotions  to count the seriousness in blood drops. Like the reality would’ve been more serious then?”  – From another blog.

My thoughts about it.

I bury myself in the sadness, let it hit me hard, as hard as i can manage them to hit me. I’m clinging to the pain, sadness, the truth that i only stop myself from getting better.

I don’t allow myself to even try, because I won’t make it anyways?

I still can’t really see how deep i’m in this crap, how strong the monster has its grip on me, but i can feel its there, all the time, always a finger into everthing i do or say, sitting there with its spikes out, ready to make the pain more intense as quickly as it can.

Bekka – InsideOut



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