Suicide and Self Injury awareness Week.

10th to 15th of September.

How to support it? Wear yellow and orange, just like I do, and will for the next few days.

I myself think this is an important case, organisation  or what it is, it’s important, to me. I’ve myself been a self harmer and am 47 days harm free today. There are still struggles and urges, but I’m working on it, just like you can do, I know you can (:

Another thing I’ve noticed along the road, is that when you’ve stayed clean for four days, four weeks or what it is, and you slip once, it doesnt mean that you have to give up those days where you didnt, where you resisted, because they aren’t lost. Look at it this way, (number of days, weeks, years) with one or two breaks. Just because you slip up a few times, doesnt mean that you should consider everything lost, all the time and effort you put into not doing it, all the struggles, its worth it, those days mean something, so if you slip up, once or maybe twice, three times or more, it doesnt matter, as long as you keep going, you can do this!

And for the suicide part, I’ve been there too, suicidal a numerous of times, attempted it once, almost twice, so I know what I’m talking about.

I know what it feels to have no way out, lost in the dark, the self hatred, the sadness, the pain, all that comes with it. But there is a way to keep moving on. Sure your mind tells you nothing matters, and finds false proof to make you believe it, it makes you believe that no one cares and that you dont care, that death is the only way out, but to be completely honest, it isnt.

Life is full of ups and downs, I’m depressed myself, four years, and it keeps coming back, and maybe it will always be like that, but that’s no reason to give up. The struggle might almost kill you inside, but your getting so much stronger from it, maybe so strong that the suicidal thoughts, the sadness, the pain wont come back.

Sure there’s always times when nothing goes your way, bad days, bad weeks, but that’s still not no reason to give up, yeah, sure it’s tough, but how can you truly appreciate happiness, a good day, period of time, without having faced struggles and sadness? The truth is, you cant.

People care, more than your willing to accept or realize, because you do not understand it, but just because you don’t understand it or believe it, it doesnt make it any less true, it doesnt make them care any less.

Are you suicidal, talk to someone, your best friend, someone close to you, even a stranger on the internet, get someone to help you find your way back to see the good things in life again, because both of us knows its there.

Never give up, because if you do, you’ll miss out on so much.  It gets better, take my word for it. I’m still fighting, i’ve accepted help from professionals and loved ones, and I’m moving forward, now I think it’s the time you start doing the same. It will be hard, but you have the strength in you to make it, baby steps, one foot infront of the other.  Ask for help, because your struggles are more than serious enough, you are worth using time on, believe it or not.  It’s not a shame to ask for help.  Sure it’s hard, it took me nearly three years before I finally got myself to ask for help because I believed there were people out there that needed it more, that was struggling more than me with this, sometimes I still do.  But you deserve the help, no matter what, you need help just as much as anyone else, don’t question it.

We’ll miss you if you leave.




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