I’ve downloaded a new app on my iphone for calorie counting and stuff, its called shapeup, and its really Great! Im supposed to eat 1181 calories a day, and wow, its hard! So much food!

So far i’ve managed to eat approximately 821, and I feel I’ve done nothing but fucking eat!

As most of you all know, I eat three times a day maximum, so squeezing that many calories into three meals is hard, because I get full so easily.
But I want to lose weight, and to get to my GW I need to lose 9 kilos. And according to that app, I will reach that goal in five weeks.

Honestly, with so much food, I’m pretty sure that if I continue like this, I’ll end up rolling around. I’ll gain weight rather than lose it.

Love losing weight, hate gaining it.

Anyone out there who has any diet tips for me? It would be greatly appreciated!
Some that actually work.

Take care everyone, hope you’ve had a decent week so far!


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