Heart Break.

It’s now been six days since my boyfriend(?) who had been ignoring me for a week before, called me up and said we needed to take a break from our relationship. I haven’t heard a word from him since.

It struck me hard, and I ended up crying whilst on the phone to him, and for hours after that.

The next few days were really difficult, until I went into a zombie like state, didnt feel much, until today. I’m sad and agitated at everything and everyone. Nothing makes sense anymore.

I need someone to talk to, but I just cant be bothered talking to anyone or making the effort to stay in touch with anyone either. 

I’m a zombiefied mess.

My mum tried giving me the usual heart break speech, but newsflash! It doesnt help. It didnt even make me feel like she cared either.

No matter how much I struggle, there’s always someone who needs my mums attention more, I just dont feel important enough.

I feel completely and utterly alone. I’ve lost the one person who said he’d always be there, the person I held onto for dear life, my purpose for keeping on trying to get better. And now? I dont have anything or anyone.

When we talked on the phone a week ago, he said if I needed to talk to him, he’d be there. A lie. Which makes me wonder, what if our whole relationship was a lie as well?

I dont know what to think anymore.


One thought on “Heart Break.

  1. Sorry to hear of your situation. Don’t think it’s ever easy, but I don’t believe it should be. Love is not to be taken lightly. I can’t say anything to help ease your pain. I will say time has been the only balm that has helped me (recently left by my wife of 25 years). I hope you find sunshine soon….MBC

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