Trust may be easy or hard to gain, but yet so easily taken away.

Trust is something that I treasure more than I could ever put into words. So when someone says that they no longer trusts you, for no apparent reason, it hurts, right?

I keep losing the ones I want in my life, those I care about.

Maybe they don’t think I cherish them enough? Or maybe they just think I’m poisoning their lives. Which I understand completely.

My presence is poisonous, I break people without even trying. They just stick around for long enough, and then they realize that I cannot be fixed, therefore I cannot be trusted(?)

Mindless gibberish I know.
But when someone tells me out of nowhere that they do not trust me anymore, that they haven’t for a long time, and leaves before I get a chance to even ask why. That shit hurts

I don’t trust easily, and right now, not at all. Because everyone leaves, they always do. No matter how hard I try to hold onto them, they slip through my fingers.

I need no one, and no one needs me. That’s how it’s supposed to be. That is safe.

Not caring, not trusting. Safe.



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