Reaching out. DID

It’s been a while. Things have happened, but nothing compared to what happened last.  This time I’m writing to get some help.

As most of you all know, my significant other has DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder. It still has not been diagnosed properly due to lack of therapists. But they were sure that that’s what he has.

My question today is if total state of paralysis and inability to speak has something to do with it? or just The dissociation part? He’s had three of those episodes now during seven months, each of the episodes lasting from thirty minutes up to a few hours. When he tries to move his muscles, or rather his entire body hurts, screaming in protest. I know there are triggers, and you can tell a few days before that it’s coming. Usually his alters are more quiet, make less sense, until he cannot hear them at all, that’s just before it hits. The episodes seem to be random.

I’ve been doing research, but I am still as clueless as to what it could be. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that someone out there knows what this is, and is willing to give me a few tips when it comes to dealing with it.  It’s scary for him, for both of us.  I just want to know what this is, and how to properly handle it.

I hope there will be someone out there with the knowledge I seek. More details can be added if needed.

I’m reaching out for help.


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