Full force.

I don’t know what to do.

My anxiety’s back, and it won’t let go.

And the worst part ? I have no one.

I feel so goddamn alone.

I’m not allowed to break, but I can’t stop it.

My family crumbles when I just as much as trip. And it’s hard because I can’t always be fine; I can’t always be strong.

I need you to be strong for me. 

Because right now I can’t.

I need your strong shoulders to hold everything up. 

Not for long, just long enough for me to breathe and pick myself up.

You’ve made it clear that you won’t do it.

You can’t do it.

Because when I break, you break.

I want so badly to get what I give you, in return. But no one is ever willing to give. All they do is take.

And it’s so. Fucking. Exhausting