Voice inside my head – By me

Voice inside of me

Won’t let me free,

Won’t let me free

Screams as loud as it can be

There you have

The voice inside of me

The voice’s called doubt

I have scratched

I have fought

But it returns again

Louder, demanding

Wants my constant responding

Take away all that’s good for me

Everything that makes me happy

Will it silence you? Will you fade away,

If I promise you that I won’t stay?

Is death what you crave and wish for?

Is it pain?

Because I see that to you it’s just a game

To remove everything that I adore

You want me to pick up that razor

That knife or the pills

But the view of it gives me chills

You convince me that it’s the right thing to do

That there’s no reason thinking it through

And that all that really matters is me and you

Voice inside of me

Scream louder

Fight harder

Because I’ll walk out of this

Stronger than you can be

I’ll scream louder

If that’s what it takes

To set me free

This time there’ll be no mistakes

You won’t be the winner this time

This time it’s me



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